November’s Challenge

Being grateful for the small things that your spouse does for you can have a big impact on your marriage. I learned this when we had purchased our current home. (Read that story here!)

Dedicated Dads

To all of those dedicated dads out there: Your Godly influence, prayers, sacrifices, love, and devotion to and for your family not only impacts this generation but also those that will come after.

Celebrating YOUR Anniversary

We would love to hear how many years of marriage our followers are celebrating this year! Share with us in the comment box below. If you are a bride-to-be, husband-to-be, or a newlywed, we'd love to hear of your planned date.

February’s Challenge

This month, forget that the word "no" existed and say only "yes" to your spouse! You and your spouse are in control and can decide whether to set boundaries or not. Have fun! Who knows? You might just find hide and seek in the dark without clothes to be on the agenda!

Great News!

I'd like to start of by thanking you for your patience for the last couple of months with my posts. You may have noticed that I only posted a couple of monthly challenges and a few Marriage Monday Tips, and even that had dwindled into almost nothing. The truth is that we are writing a... Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday #67

Prayer should not be considered the last resort to save a marriage. It is a way to fortify your marriage against mistrust, temptations, and other challenges. Read my article          9 Ways to Protect Your Marriage.  

A Thankful Spouse

At this time of year, it is not unusual to reflect on the occurrences of the past 10 months. Since this blog is focused on marriage, family, and parenting I'd like to ask: What are you thankful for in your marriage? What makes family gatherings so special? What memories do you plan on making with... Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday #65

Show interest in your spouse's hobbies. You can listen while they talk about their adventures/challenges, purchase something you know they need for their hobby, or become involved with the hobby every now and then. Have a great week!

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