Marriage Monday #85

Praying together means that both of your hearts are open to bare. This special time creates a bond between spouses that positively impacts their marriage. Read: 6 Small Habits that have a Big Impact on Marriage

Marriage Monday #76

Many couples find themselves in a cyclical sexual routine; each action can be predicted by either spouse. This can result in boredom. Surprise your spouse by doing something totally unexpected while having sex. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Disappointing Dilemmas 

I'd love to say that our plans always work out but the reality is that sometimes they just don't.  How do you handle a disappointing resolution to a situation when you and your spouse were counting on a positive outcome? Do you: 1. Blame each other? 2. Get discouraged, angry, or moody? As team players... Continue Reading →


Is there a marriage quote or scripture that has a big influence on your marriage?  Has something recently helped bring a positive change that you'd like to share with the readers on this blog? I look forward to reading your responses! Please share in the comment box below.

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