With our theme being gratitude this month, we'd like to encourage couples to begin each day with a grateful attitude. This means that couples will be less likely to argue and less likely to complain about negative traits found in their spouse. Think about it: It's hard to focus on the faults of your spouse... Continue Reading →

Control Thyself

Imagine: you're training an elite workforce that has the potential to take your company to new heights. But you find out that one guy on the team is leaking confidential company information to your chief competitor. What do you do?

Speak THEIR language

About a week ago I had an epiphany--one that I hope you'll find inspiring. In fact, I was so thrilled that I decided to dedicate the next three Manhood Monday posts around the topic of effective leadership with the goal of nurturing male leadership skills. The first principle I'd like to mention is: Speak a... Continue Reading →

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