Stay Fearless.

Many things in our world and country are coming to a standstill. But that doesn't mean that your marriage needs to! Use your unexpected time at home to discover more about your spouse, snuggle a lot longer under the sheets, and make plans together that connects both of your future hopes and dreams. Make sure... Continue Reading →

November’s Challenge

Being grateful for the small things that your spouse does for you can have a big impact on your marriage. I learned this when we had purchased our current home. (Read that story here!)

October’s Challenge

Surprise is a powerful tool in the successful couple's "toolkit." This October, we're going to share strategies to help you keep your spouse excited, motivated, and wondering what's around the corner. Join in on the challenge to keep your spouse guessing about what you're going to do next! Keep an eye on our site for worksheets... Continue Reading →

August’s Challenge

The presence of anything artificial within a marriage means that one or both spouses are opening up the relationship for contamination. Take a look at this challenge to build sexual intimacy, confidence, and trust.

February’s Challenge

This month, forget that the word "no" existed and say only "yes" to your spouse! You and your spouse are in control and can decide whether to set boundaries or not. Have fun! Who knows? You might just find hide and seek in the dark without clothes to be on the agenda!

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