9 Ways to Protect Your Marriage

We want our marriages to last a lifetime. Yet, after some years of marriage small things that can have lasting impacts creep in: mistrust, less communication, or infrequent sex. How can you protect your marriage from the hurt that these problems bring? 1. Spend time regularly with your spouse - Thereā€™s no better way to... Continue Reading →


Scenario: You and your fiancĆ© are about to get married. You both ask an older couple that you know out to dinner so that you can ask them a few questions about their marriage. You want their advice and want to know what has made their marriage an admirable one. What would you ask them?... Continue Reading →


Did you or someone you know go into a marriage thinking you/they could change certain things about a spouse's character? What did you see/learn from this kind of situation? What kind of advice would you offer someone else who has thins kind of thinking? Please share below!

Are You Committed?

Two people who are committed to each each other can enjoy a marriage. However, when two people make investments in their marriage it can be more than just enjoyable. Take a look at your marriage and answer the following: 1. What are your marriage goals for this year?  2. What positive changes are you and... Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday #8

Dress in a way that pleases your spouse. Just because you are married doesn't mean that looks aren't important anymore.  Share these tips and help make someone's marriage better today!

Date TalkĀ 

While out on dates with my husband we love to laugh, talk about the past and future, and so many other things. I've often seen other couples looking at us curiously or just simply looking at their phones instead of each other. Some couples don't know what to talk about when the kids aren't around... Continue Reading →

Seduce Your Husband

Conquer. Conquer and Seduce. To conquer means: to successfully overcome a problem or weakness. A wife needs to conquer her fear of embarrassment and shyness so that she can seduce her husband. To seduce means: to attract powerfully. The act of seducing your husband is how you show your love, interest, and devotion to him. […]

You Deserve to Be Recognized

I didn't realize it then but I do now.Ā  As a parent, I now can understand what my parents had to go through raising my siblings and I. I respect them more than ever now because I can see things through the eyes of a mother.Ā  Raising a child/children is no easy task; Parents have... Continue Reading →

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