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Fearless Marriage is a non-denominational ministry dedicated to helping Christian marriages achieve their full potential. Because we’re operating independently, we depend on donations from people like you to offer marriage seminars and resources to those who need it most.

Consider making a donation so we can continue to offer Scriptural, effective marriage strategies to couples across the globe. 100% of your donation, minus servicing fees, will go toward strengthening marriages.

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Casually interested

FM's a helpful ministry and I'm going to show them some love.


Very impressed

Wow! FM's articles and marriage tips are really neat. I love how the stuff they have is practical, simple but totally God-based. Have you seen their marriage challenges? I'm going to help them bless others.


Totally hooked!!!

FM's got to be one of the best Christian marriage supports out there. Their quick tips, openness about tough subjects like sex and intimacy, and their videos are nothing short of Uh-MAZING!! And their podcasts? Gotta listen!


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