Wednesday Wisdom

It might seem hard at times but, to a large degree, loving is a CHOICE. Choosing to look at the good instead of the bad. Choosing to pray instead of give up. Choosing to stick it out instead of throwing in the towel.

Marriage Monday #105

Each decision can have a negative or positive impact on a spouse. The decision to dress to attract another man's attention can potentially damage a relationship. A decision to confide in other women can also negatively impact the relationship.

Marriage Monday #98

Most people, if you ask them, don’t plan on having an affair. However, there are certain behaviors that lead people towards this downward path. Read the Protect Your Marriage series and discover that while some behaviors may seem innocent and insignificant, they can lead to a much bigger issue. Protect Your Marriage #1- Confide Carefully... Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday #96

When working together as a team, wives and husbands should recognize each other's strengths and areas where growth is necessary. Help and support each other without pinpointing faults or complaining.

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