Leadership #1

A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.

—Max Lucado

Leadership is a choice. It’s a simple decision that is made every day; a choice to say “no” to popular opinion and “yes” to God’s leading. We choose to turn our back to the masses and focus on our part in the divine symphony. 

Moses was such a man, a man whose name will live on long after the dictators of history have been forgotten. He made the choice to reject the clamor of Egypt’s court and accept the will of that Voice that spoke from a burning bush. 

It cost him everything. 

But he led his people to freedom. That choice ignited a chain reaction of spiritual and historical events, the effects of which are still felt 4,000 years later. 

Today, every man has the same choice. Perhaps it’s not a slavery issue . Maybe it’s sexual purity issue, a financial decision, or a relationship concern. 

The fact is you can’t follow the crowd if you want to lead.

Make the choice. Step onto center stage, turn your back to the spectators and put everything you’ve got into guiding others. 

It’s the only way to play a masterpiece.

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