The Praying Parent Powerhouse

I’m sure that every Christian parent feels concern about their child’s spiritual life at some point or another. It’s quite natural. God Himself was touched by that concern when He ran through the Garden of Eden, screaming, “Adam, Adam, where are you?” When our child strays, the question each parent needs to ask is not,... Continue Reading →


Every parent wants to have their child, one day, marry and settle down with the right person and have a successful marriage. What many parents do not realize is that children must have an example of what a successful marriage looks like set before them. It is no secret that children learn by imitating. From... Continue Reading →

You Deserve to Be Recognized

I didn't realize it then but I do now.  As a parent, I now can understand what my parents had to go through raising my siblings and I. I respect them more than ever now because I can see things through the eyes of a mother.  Raising a child/children is no easy task; Parents have... Continue Reading →

Living Realities

One of first reasons that little children (and sometimes adults) really get interested in reading the Bible is because of all the exciting stories! Even before they could read they want you to read that same story over and over again about David and Goliath or about Esther. They may not understand everything but they... Continue Reading →

Raising an Overcomer

How does a parent raise a child to be an overcomer? Well, by reflecting the greatest parent of all: God. That may seem overwhelming and impossible. Of course parents cannot be all-knowing and sometimes make mistakes sometimes but God is the perfect parent that we should want to reflect. Let's take these 4 aspects of... Continue Reading →

What is a Christian Champion?

After discovering similarities between the sports world and parenting we chose to make a parallel between the two topics. My husband and I were on our way back home from Ohio. It was summer break and since we had a couple hours left before reaching our destination, we began talking about these two topics. While... Continue Reading →

Your Child. God’s Champion.

This Saturday (12/12) my husband and I are hosting our first time ever Parenting Seminar! It is being held at the beautiful Courtyard Marriot on Hospitality Drive in Lancaster PA. While our seminars are filled with great and useful info, it also allows attendees to have some fun. The topic for our upcoming seminar is:... Continue Reading →

Role Models

There are no two ways about it. Parenting can be tough. It is a subject that comes with tons of research, ideas, and lots of books! Every parent knows that they are a role model once their child is born. How does a child learn how to speak? How does a child learn how to... Continue Reading →

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