Marriage Monday #73

Celebrate the goals you achieved last year and discover new ones to work on together. If you didn't meet your goals for 2019, put a different strategy into action that will bring you closer accomplishing them.

Marriage Monday #72

Marriage goal setting tip: Do some personal reflection before you and your spouse actually begin setting goals together. By discussing your personal reflections first, you'll have a better understanding of what your relationship needs and what kind of goals you should both work towards.

Marriage Monday #67

Prayer should not be considered the last resort to save a marriage. It is a way to fortify your marriage against mistrust, temptations, and other challenges. Read my article          9 Ways to Protect Your Marriage.  

Marriage Monday #65

Show interest in your spouse's hobbies. You can listen while they talk about their adventures/challenges, purchase something you know they need for their hobby, or become involved with the hobby every now and then. Have a great week!

Marriage Monday #64

Make goals and set clear objectives in place that will allow you to accomplishing those goals. Goals are long-term achievements so work on making them happen together. Have a fabulous week!

Marriage Monday #60

Don't allow anything to become more important than your marriage. If your hobby, job, or friendships become more important than your relationship, find ways to include your spouse in them. Have a fabulous week!

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