Celebrating YOUR Anniversary

We would love to hear how many years of marriage our followers are celebrating this year! Share with us in the comment box below. If you are a bride-to-be, husband-to-be, or a newlywed, we'd love to hear of your planned date.

A Thankful Spouse

At this time of year, it is not unusual to reflect on the occurrences of the past 10 months. Since this blog is focused on marriage, family, and parenting I'd like to ask: What are you thankful for in your marriage? What makes family gatherings so special? What memories do you plan on making with... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Destinations

Would you like to revisit your honeymoon destination with your spouse? After being married for 12 years, my husband and I have decided that we would love to revisit our honeymoon destination. We had visited Paris, France for 5 days and then returned back home. While we had a great time, experienced jet lag, and... Continue Reading →


Doesn’t it seem that God is being left out in the giving of thanks?  I hear people say they are thankful for many things, but thankful to whom? As we approach Thanksgiving reflect on how God, in multiple ways, has blessed you. Even the very air we breathe is a gift from God.  Be thankful... Continue Reading →

It’s no secret…

It is no secret that raising a family is a challenge. It affects every aspect of the parents' lives including what happens in the bedroom. Husbands and wives discover changes within themselves and changes in their relationship when there is an addition to the family. What are some scriptures or quotes that you've found helpful... Continue Reading →

Laugh on FM!

When was the last time you laughed with your spouse?  When you're multi-tasking and have to juggle responsibilities, laughing could be the last thing on your mind.  Take a couple of seconds to share or remember a funny moment with your spouse. Ready to share a funny moment? Write it below! 

How do you handle it?

Have you ever found that you and your spouse argue about the same issue/issues over and over again but in different ways? Why do you think this happens and if it has happened to you what helped you to peacefully resolve/stop these arguments? If they haven't been resolved how do you both diffuse the situation?... Continue Reading →


Scenario: You and your fiancé are about to get married. You both ask an older couple that you know out to dinner so that you can ask them a few questions about their marriage. You want their advice and want to know what has made their marriage an admirable one. What would you ask them?... Continue Reading →


Did you or someone you know go into a marriage thinking you/they could change certain things about a spouse's character? What did you see/learn from this kind of situation? What kind of advice would you offer someone else who has thins kind of thinking? Please share below!


Is there a marriage quote or scripture that has a big influence on your marriage?  Has something recently helped bring a positive change that you'd like to share with the readers on this blog? I look forward to reading your responses! Please share in the comment box below.

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