10 budget-friendly Mother’s Day ideas

Mother’s Day can be a challenge when you’re on a budget. If you’re like Lois and I, you know what I mean! But pinching pennies doesn’t mean you have to skimp on showing appreciation. Here are 10 simple, budget-friendly ways to celebrate the most important women in your life.

  1. Throw a coffee/lunch party in the backyard
  2. Break out some board games and get the kids (if applicable) into the game.
  3. Go for a walk/hike and have a meaningful conversation. Talk and really listen. No cell phones allowed.
  4. Color together or do something artsy if she’s into that.
  5. Plant some flowers or trees together. Don’t get too heavy into landscaping but May is a great time of year to “grow the love” with fresh plants and flowers.
  6. Have a potluck lunch with other couples. Celebrate together.
  7. Go to a local concert in the evening or afternoon.
  8. Host a virtual family gathering to connect his mom and her mom. This is especially wonderful if your mother-in-law lives outside the immediate driveable area.
  9. Do a blitz tour down memory lane by visiting the hospitals where each of your kids were born. If you’ve lived in different houses, do a drive-by and show the kids the important places of their childhood.
  10. Do a handprint of the kids and you at this stage in the journey. Compare it to their handprints when they were born if you have them. Wrap up the evening with a look back at old albums.

And there you have it! Ten budget-friendly ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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