5 budget-friendly ways to build a meaningful V-Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. But if your part of the country is still grappling with the pandemic—or if you just want to break out of the routine—here are 5 ways to make this V-Day a meaningful, bonding experience for you both.

  1. Change the date! Let’s be honest. It’s hard celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Monday. After wading through emails or dealing with coworkers (remote or in-person) you may not feel your “lovingest.” So, why not celebrate early, on Friday-Sunday? Better yet, can you devote the entire weekend to your spouse?
  2. Skip the restaurant! Lois and I still aren’t that big on eating out in the COVID world. There’s nothing wrong with it but we’ve found that we’ve enjoyed our time more when we do take out. For example, we LOVE Indian cuisine. So, for date, I ordered from a local Indian restaurant then set the mood with some Indian music at home. For V-Day, consider transforming your dining room into a romantic candlelit atmosphere that you can control.

    After all, in a real restaurant, you can only go so far…
  3. Banish the kids! Parenting’s great. But V-Day is a bit more meaningful if the kiddos aren’t around. If you can’t get a babysitter, here’s a strategy that Lois and I have found works. We block off 2-3 hours and pick a few movies that we’re comfortable letting the kids watch on their own. We send them downstairs and—boom!—we’ve got three hours of alone time.
  4. Decorate together! Amazon has a ton of kits that you can purchase for a reasonable price to set a theme for Valentine’s Day. We tend to use them for birthdays but there are great options out there for specific destinations or even just love themes. If you order today, you might just get it in time. But decorating isn’t fun when done solo. The goal of V-Day is to bond. So get decorating with your spouse. If you have kids, you’re also setting a good example and teaching them to treasure their relationship.
  5. Make a “What I love about you” list. We live in a very materialistic age. And Valentine’s Day gives companies a small boost. But let’s face it: Chocolates make her put on weight, lingerie is only going to come off, and ties–well—let’s not go there!

    Why not build a gift together? Make a list of things that you love about each other on paper. If either of you is artsy, try decorating it together and frame it. This is a lasting, team-building activity that you can both treasure for a long time. Don’t forget to write the year in the corner.

There you have it. 5 simple ways to make this V-Day one to remember.

The FM Team.

2 thoughts on “5 budget-friendly ways to build a meaningful V-Day

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  1. Good ideas.
    I like the Change the Date idea, and have been doing that for years. We just celebrate when it works for us, and then the restaurants aren’t so busy, others are more free to babysit, and items aren’t so expensive.

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