5 ways to have an explosive Fourth

So, it’s Fourth of July. Lots of family, fun, barbecues and… romance?

Sometimes it’s easy to miss this opportunity to score some alone time with your spouse. But remember, just like every other day, July 4th is a day that will never come again so be sure to build some marriage-building time into your day.

Here are five ways to engage your spouse and make your own (very private) fireworks!

  1. Get away from the crowd-Why not surprise your spouse with a last-minute solo trip? Connect with family on the go or tell them you’ll be “offline” for the weekend.
  2. Leave early-Show your face at the family function then politely skip town. Hey, your time with your spouse is just as important.
  3. Go for a “you-time” picnic in the park: Do something different and spread a blanket in a park. This low-cost option can be done rain or shine. When you get home, keep up the fun with hide and seek (clothes are optional).
  4. Get out on the water: Concerned about social distancing? Boating is the perfect way to watch fireworks in a romantic but private setting. Depending on your boat type and local regulations , you might even consider spending the night on the water.
  5. Shop for him/her: Most stores offer weekend sales. But instead of shopping for yourself, dare your spouse to buy something for you (and vice versa). The fun lies in being able to pick something out each other’s style, size etc. If it’s something wrong, laugh it off and use it as a chance to learn, or share, something new.

Have an idea we haven’t mentioned? Help us out by sharing in the comments!

Enjoyed something we suggested? Let us know!

Enjoy a safe, and happy Independence day!

Love fearlessly,

Your friends @fearlessmarriage

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