Climate change is real—for married couples

So, we’ve all heard about climate change. No matter what you think about it, the reality is that married couples experience climate change all the time.

Earth Day and you

Today being Earth Day, I thought it would be a great time to point out the parallels between our planet and your marriage.

Most couples start their marriage off with the expectation that they’ll be together forever. After all, that’s why you got married, right?

But the funny thing about climate change is that it happens slowly… imperceptibly. Discontent set in. Miscommunication flourishes. The cold winds of selfishness start to blow. Before you know it, a red-hot marriage has devolved into something very different to what it once was.

What kind of changes happen?

It might start as emotional change. Perhaps she’s fighting insecurity and worries that you think about another woman when you’re together. Or maybe he’s battling a different kind of insecurity and doesn’t think that he has your respect.

Whatever the situation, in marriage one form of climate change affects everything else. If the emotions aren’t good, the sex isn’t going to be good either. Neither will the communication.

How can couples fight climate change?

This might seem kind of depressing but the good news is, you have the power to make positive change. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and it marked a watershed moment where we humans realized that we had to actually do something to protect our planet.

Make today a “Marriage Day” where you take positive steps to combat negative climate change in your marriage. Take the time to talk. Go on dates. Play together. Focus on fixing the negatives instead of avoiding them.

Boost your spouse’s ego with compliments and sincere words of appreciation. Just like our planet, the power is in your hands.

Love fearlessly,


Earth Day 2021

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