Why does gender matter?

The Bible shows us that God made men and women with separate characteristics that are specific to their sex.

Society has tried to erase those gender-specific traits, even going so far as to “allow” men and women to scientifically alter their gender.

But no matter how much science can alter the body, the spirit on the inside will still retain the traits given to it by God. Hence the reason many transgenders need “coping strategies” and counseling to adjust after the fact.

Understanding the traits that work with your spouse’s gender is critical to a healthy marriage. Here are three reasons why:

  • God delineated specific responsibilities in marriage according to our gender
  • Our gender affects our outlook on the world and our response to problems
  • Our gender determines our view of romance and emotional satisfaction

While the world may try to tell us that “gender doesn’t matter” and we can be whatever we want to be, that philosophy has no place in a Christian marriage.

It is a recipe for chaos in and out of the home.

Just as driving a car is a complex business that must follow specific rules, signs and laws to be done safely, so must marriage follow specific rules—set by God—to function as He intends.

We’ll look at how gender affects our marriage perspectives in the next few posts.

Love fearlessly!


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