Are we broken forever?

It’s easy to assume that a relationship that’s faced serious trauma—such as infidelity, abuse, or porn use—cannot be mended. But I’d like to compare such a relationship to someone suffering from a disease such as cancer.

Yes, the situation is potentially deadly. But, by being proactive, and quickly making needed changes, THERE IS HOPE.

Pain in a relationship is there to make us aware that something’s wrong. It’s there to spur us into action. But, like a cancer patient, we’re faced with a choice.

We can wallow in our misery and blame our spouse (or ourselves). Or we can push past the pain and take action on our situation.

Getting help from your pastor, looking inwardly at what you can change for the good of your relationship, and praying together about the situation are all positive steps. But those steps must be combined with action to get your relationship on the road to recovery.

The good news is that no couple is broken forever if they believe the relationship can be restored, and if they’re both willing to make the necessary changes that can heal the relationship.

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