Seduce your Spouse (Audio)

On this special Valentine’s Day, we decided to share audio excerpts from our 2019 Marriage retreat on sex and intimacy with you!

2019 Marriage Retreat: Excerpts from Seduce your Spouse

Seduce your Spouse is about 1 hour of solid, biblical instruction on the following.

  1. The goal of Seduction (for him and for her)
  2. Understand the power of sex
  3. Threats to a happy sex life
  4. Moving past the past

Here are few highlights!

Seduction is an art that every couple should strive to master.

—Fearless Marriage
  • We believe seduction begins in the mind.
  • Sex is often (directly or indirectly ) behind many problems in marriage. When used correctly, it can help solve many problems.
  • Sex is one of the most intimate and TERRIFYING things two people can willingly do.
  • Awesome sex never begins—it’s an ongoing process with which both husband and wife are engaged.

Listen to the audio. Don’t forget to download and share.

Make love—to your spouse!—fearlessly,

Fearless Marriage

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