Valentine’s Day: To celebrate or not to celebrate?

That is the question… we answer in 60 seconds!

V-Day is a big stress for some, the most romantic day of the year for others … and a real disappointment for still others. As you’ll see in our video, at Fearless Marriage, we believe that Valentine’s Day should be every day.

It’s great to do a something special on February 14th, but don’t get sucked into the expensive “gift-shopping” craze or put pressure on your spouse. That can actually harm your relationship.

Instead of focusing on the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day—focus on each other in whatever way your spouse will like best.

While I do buy flowers for Lois, I make sure they arrive a few days before Valentine’s Day. We don’t do dinner out on the day of, but try to go to a restaurant a day or two before. Not only is the service better, but we’re not faced with overpriced items … and it makes us feel like we’re celebrating for a few days instead of one.

I’m not saying that couples shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but I am saying that the main idea should be your relationship—not material things like gifts and flowers.

Keeping the focus on your spouse transforms Valentine’s Day into Valentine’s Year. And who doesn’t want that? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: To celebrate or not to celebrate?

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  1. Hey, we’re riding the same train as you are: we prefer to go out a few days before or after a special event day, avoid the hustle-bustle-busy. On the special day itself, we enjoy staying in, quiet and together.

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    1. Totally agree. It’s sad that everything has become so commercialized but every opportunity to focus on each other is a blessing.
      It’s tough sometimes when our kids are home but we try to include them as much as we can in a special day.
      Thanks for sharing!

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