Is Christmas wrecking your marriage?

Tis the seasonā€”for a divorce.

7 thoughts on “Is Christmas wrecking your marriage?

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  1. You brought up good points, especially number 3, because a person definitely shouldn’t feel the need to go and buy something they can’t afford for someone they care about, to try and show their love on Christmas, especially when gift giving is not even the key reason the holiday is celebrated.

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      1. It was awesome. Things were actually quiet for a little bit which was great! Baked a ham, my wife made cookies with the kids after church and it was a nice day( even without snow!) šŸ™‚


      2. lol, quiet isn’t a bad thing at all sometime….. You just made me hungry again and glad you had a good Christmas…


  2. Christmas commercialism makes the festive season stressful, the focus should be on the greatest Light who came into the world. Also coupled with New Year Resolutions prompts people to end and start anew divorce is high on the list.

    Couples should be looking at how to repair their relationship in a good way, but if the marriage has seriously broken by this it has become abusive, then divorce or separation is necessary.

    Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and Happy and Successful New Year.

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