December 2019 Challenge

On the 7-hour flight back home from Germany, I listened to a portion of a non-fiction audiobook that I surprisingly enjoyed about minimalism. As I listened to the author’s words, I realized that a lot of what he said was true. While discussing the contents of the audiobook with Joseph, we concluded that having a minimalistic approach to several aspects of life can minimize some of the stress we place on ourselves..and on others.

So, you’re probably wondering: what does minimalism have to do with marriage?

Well, lots actually!

By applying a minimalistic approach to marriage, we can simply focus on what is really there: a man and a woman who are committed to love and cherish each other.

It is only when things become cluttered and complicated within the relationship, that the husband and wife begin taking each other for granted or become overwhelmed when thinking that marriage involves a lot of work.

What do I mean?

We’ll explain as we continue to write more about this topic this month.

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For this month’s Marriage Challenge, we challenge you to keep things simple in your marriage by decluttering and removing any unnecessaries.

Live Fearlessly,


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