Gratitude when your spouse is just … annoying?

November is the traditionally the time in the U.S. where we express gratitude for our families and other blessings God has given. At Fearless Marriage, we’re encouraging couples worldwide to celebrate their spouse.

But what happens if your spouse isn’t someone you really feel like celebrating?

We want to propose 3 simple steps to help you successfully navigate this hurdle.

1. Focus on the good stuff.

No matter how trivial it may seem, praise your spouse for whatever he/she does that is helpful, kind, or remotely considerate. I mean, if he just grunts out a “Good morning” or she tosses something together for dinner, be grateful and express that gratitude in a way your spouse will appreciate.

2. Be positive. Stay positive.

Don’t let the unpleasant parts of your relationship drag you down. Instead, use positive language like, “We will get through this. He is the right one for me. Today is a great day to be married.”

By staying positive throughout the day, you’ll set yourself up to notice the good things your spouse does–and not the bad. You’ll also be in a better emotional position to handle any irritating moments that come up.

3. Remember special moments.

Think back to the good times you’ve enjoyed—your first kiss, maybe a special trip, or a night of awesome sex. Think on anything, and everything, the two of you did together that you can celebrate.

With this approach, it’ll be easier for you to set yourself up for more good times to come.

Love gratefully,


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