Remove the mask

There are so many threats that hinder transparency in a marriage.

Limited communication, avoiding particular issues, social media, and living separate lifestyles are just a few examples.

Often times, husbands and wives hide behind a mask and only allow their spouse to see what he/she chooses to reveal.

Use the following activity to help lift the mask off of your or your spouse’s face in order to improve transparency.

This week, we ask couples to do the following:

  1. Fill in the blank in the image of this post.
  2. Discuss the topic(s) you listed with each other.
  3. Stay focused only on the topic you listed. (Avoid venting and use this time to bare your heart to your spouse!)

This activity works with our monthly challenge of transparency.

Thank you to those at CF Tabernacle who helped make our marriage retreat a success!

~Fearless Marriage

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