August’s Challenge

We all strive to prevent artificial ingredients from entering our bodies however, sometimes we can contaminate our relationships by the presence of anything artificial.

The presence of anything artificial within a relationship means that there exists a lack of complete trust, fears/shame, and/or emotions scars.

If both husband and wife can agree to be totally transparent with each other they will have an atmosphere where there is complete trust, confidence, and an increase in sexual intimacy.

Total transparency means to remove the mask of pretense by:
1. Leaving nothing unsaid
2. Talking about hidden frustrations
3. Facing ALL challenges together as a team

Ephesians 4:15 tells us about “Speaking the truth in love”. You can speak the truth to your spouse but, if the love isn’t tangible, your words will come across as criticism instead of what they’re meant to be–an honest uncovering of your heart.

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