With our theme being gratitude this month, we’d like to encourage couples to begin each day with a grateful attitude.

This means that couples will be less likely to argue and less likely to complain about negative traits found in their spouse.

Think about it: It’s hard to focus on the faults of your spouse if you’re busy thinking about and showing how wonderful they are.

For wives: If your husband bought you flowers and told you that he admires your ability to always be there to support him, it would be hard to bring up the fact that he should have emptied the garbage earlier that morning.

For husbands: If your wife pulls you close and tells you how much she appreciates your advice and that she can talk to you about anything, it would be hard to bring up the fact that you almost twisted your ankle when you stepped on one of the many pairs of heels she left on the floor earlier that morning.

Show gratitude. Show love.

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