A Fearless Marriage

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:

1 John 4:8a KJV

Rev. William Branham taught that God’s plan for His people
is perfect unity. That unity is to be shown each day by married men and women. But, sadly, far too many contemporary marriages don’t reflect the beauty of God’s plan.

Too often, marriages are plagued by fears. Fears about infidelity, not being as attractive as other women, or perhaps fear that the marriage itself will fall apart for one reason or another.

Let’s change that.

There is no magic potion that can immunize your relationship from the threats of the modern world. But there is a power that can make your marriage victorious.

That is the power of love. Perfect love that isn’t hindered by fear but, instead, kicks it out the door.

We dedicate this site to helping couples better understand how God’s love can eradicate fear from every area of their marriage.

In every area— communication, conflict, sex and intimacy or others— with God’s love in your hearts, you can make your marriage fearless.

Joseph & Lois

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