Leadership is a man’s God-given responsibility. While I realize that this may offend many feminists, it’s clear that God holds a man responsible for the natural and spiritual welfare of his family.

One of the most frequent complaints that I hear about men is that they’re irresponsible, only thinking about football and video games. In part, this is true. Men too often do shirk their responsibilities.

But in part this is because society has emasculated them, teaching our boys that they are meant to be in passive subservience to the women in their lives. Men don’t lead because they don’t know how to.

Now, leadership doesn’t just mean bossing others; it means setting the example by doing what needs to be done.

Guys, take a frank look at your life. Are you running from problems or facing up to the responsibility?

Are you dodging your mistakes or owning up to them, learning from them and, when possible, correcting them?

That’s leadership.

When this becomes your way of living, others will listen to you because they see that you’re taking life seriously.

Here’s a great strategy that’s helped me a lot. When decisions need to be made:

  1. Pray about it.
  2. Ask advice from people who’ve been in similar situations.
  3. Make the best informed decision you can and stick with it.
  4. If things work out, praise God. If they don’t, figure out what went wrong and work to fix things.

Whatever you do… don’t live life on the couch. Be a man and face today assertively.

Lead. It’s in your nature.

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