Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
—Google Dictionary

It’s a great word, one that’s synonymous with heroic feats or endurance in the face of overwhelming adversity. It was once the very fabric of American society, the impulse that enabled men and women to carve out a life in the hard wilds of the frontier.

Every guy needs to make perseverance his middle name. You need it to face the million  challenges that confront you on the job, in your home and on the battlefield of life.

The truth is that perseverance is a choice. It’s the choice to stand when it seems the ground is falling out from beneath your feet.

It’s easy to quit, to abandon those that need us because we don’t get the respect we want. Persevere. Live a life that will automatically give you that kind of respect.

It’s easy to commit suicide and seemingly end it all. Persevere and face whatever’s dragging you down one obstacle at a time.

It’s tough to live clean when the other guys are drinking, sleeping around and doing drugs. Persevere and say “no.”    

825383494-612x612To be perseverant, you’ve got to first have a goal. Decide what kind of man you’re going to be. Didn’t have a dad around in your life? Make it your goal to be a godly man who will lead his home. 

Can’t seem to keep a job? Purpose to find out what skills you need and acquire them, one at a time.

Then refuse to take no as an answer. Persevere and you’ll discover that being a man—a good man—is not as hard as it seems.

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