Get alone

Every real man make an effort to be around his family if possible. Single or married, we need to keep those connections alive, even if our family doesn’t believe in Christ or is estranged for some other reason.

But there are times we need to separate ourselves from work, family and friends to (re)connect with ourselves and, most importantly with God. Getaways don’t have to be expensive.

If you like to hike (like me), find a local trail and break loose on Saturday morning. If you’re an artist/photographer, get out there and capture an snapshot of nature’s glory.
I recently had an awesome time in upstate NY hiking out near Tupper Lake. Talk about beautiful!

Hunter? Nothing better than being out in the woods before dawn!

No matter what your outlet, make some “alone” time part of your routine. You’ll return to your loved ones/life, recharged, refocused and ready to conquer.

Live inspired,

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