Repeat Conversations: Solved

Ever feel like your spouse just doesn’t pay attention or remember a thing you said?

What’s the solution to preventing repeat conversations?

1. Put the phones and devices on silent or learn to totally ignore them until your conversation is over.

2. Make eye contact and focus on what the speaker is saying. (Asking questions to make sure you understand also helps.)

3. Respond when necessary and show empathy. Responding with just “uh-huh” just doesn’t work.

4. Go into a separate area or room in the home to minimize the distraction of young children.

Have any other thoughts? Share below!

One thought on “Repeat Conversations: Solved

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  1. Super post…I think the other valuable option is to use a physical tile. You pass the title to the spouse to indicate that they have the floor and the other spouse will need to be quiet and no interrupting.


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