Take Responsibility

“Man up.” It’s a phrase that I grew up hearing but one that, sadly, I see rarely lived. Being a man is more than just biological; it’s more than just an anatomical difference. Being a man means planning ahead and facing the consequences of our decisions—good or bad.

It’s easy to blame others but it’s hard to admit that we are at fault for our own problems. But that’s what earns the respect of others; admitting our mistakes and learning from them.

So if you have a child in your life, be a man and make time for him/her. If you are a husband, do what is right and lead your home.

Be a spiritual mentor for your family. Be a man who incorporates Christ in his life—someone they can look up to, draw encouragement from and depend on when times are tough.

Act like a man, think like a man… most of all be a man.

Live responsibly.

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