July’s Challenge

I love a good challenge. Don’t you?

Knowing that I’m challenged pushes me to accomplish a goal.

Applying a challenge to a marriage makes for a total win-win situation. Both husband and wife can benefit.

These monthly challenges are designed to make marriages stronger and to improve connections between couples.

July’s Challenge:

Pray together with your spouse at least twice every week this month.

Praying together can increase the levels of intimacy between husbands and wives.

Join the challenge and reply with a 👍.

Ready, Set, GO!

8 thoughts on “July’s Challenge

Add yours

  1. I love this challenge, it’s just hard to get men to pray or say a simple amen, my husband makes fun of me while I’m praying.


    1. Perhaps you could tweak the challenge to reading the Bible together at least 2 times a week and eventually move it up to the prayer challenge when you think the time is right.
      Thanks for wanting to join in. 😊

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