Fighting In Marriage

As we’ve FINALLY been getting some warmer weather in our part of the world and the wedding season begins (or has it already begun?) my mind goes back to the day I got married.

This post is not about my wedding day nor is it about how giddy I felt once I was married.

My husband and I were happy to live together and share everything but we often got annoyed and angry with each other. This was not something we’d imagined happening. The lesson learned is: when you start living with your spouse you WILL get annoyed.

Annoyances and frustrations are one way that fighting begins. How to diffuse the situation?

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff: Choose to overlook something that is small and just let it go.

2. TTT: (Time, Tone, Together) Choose the right time, watch your tone, and talk about your concerns when you are alone together.

3. Listen: If your spouse has a hard time keeping their tone under control, try to listen to what’s being said, not how it’s said.

4. Don’t skirt the issue: Work out the issue or work around it. If the issue is ignored it will return again to cause another argument in the future.

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  1. Lois, This is such a thoughtful post. Glad you had your beautiful day.
    Btw… I mentioned your blog in a recent post Bloggers Support Bloggers Award because I wanted others to know how supportive you are. I mentioned it in a section that is not part of the nomination because I know you are award and tag free. May God bless you for your heart for others.
    Here is a link to the post.

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  2. I followed through on a tip once, and looked at myself in the mirror when I was mulling over how I’d like to respond to my husband. I was appalled at the face looking back at me! This relates to Tone in your post; ever since, I’ve looked at myself in private moments and practiced how not to look disrespectful and despising.

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