The NEED For Romance In Every Marriage

During the pre-marriage phase, romance consists of feelings of excitement and mystery that is connected with love. However, in marriage, romance takes on a slightly different meaning. It is the little (or big) things that are done spontaneously for and to a spouse that reminds them that they are loved.

Romance is usually projected to be a need that only wives or women desire. Yet, husbands need romance too.

The need for romance can be split into two categories: emotional and physical. Whichever one speaks romance to you and your spouse is extremely important and both are necessary.

What speaks romance to a husband? It’s not just about heading to the bedroom. It’s about speaking and showing love (especially if it is outside of a wife’s comfort zone) in a way he can understand and appreciate.

Every husband will have a different view on what he considers to be romantic. Let him know he is admired, respected, and loved.

Read my articles, “What Every Husband Loves to Hear” or “Seduce Your Husband” for ideas on how to romance your spouse.

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