Embrace Discomfort

Sounds strange, I know but, when you think about it, embracing discomfort creates the mentality of a winner. Here’s how.

Imagine the following hypothetical circumstances:

Today my coffee is cold. I can either grumble about it or say “hey, at least I get my caffeine intake for the morning and move on.” In that brief moment , I’ve just reinforced a habit of making the best of circumstances or having a negative mindset.

A few hours later my car breaks down and I have to walk five miles to get home. Sure, I don’t like it. But if I choose to embrace discomfort, I’ll see this as an opportunity to burn off last night’s cookies and pizza.

Each day we’re presented with a lot of small “annoying factors” which, if you look at them through the right lens, are actually small incidents that shape your overall mentality.

Seeing everything as training for something else creates a positive attitude of flexibility, which is a key elements to business, emotional and relationship success.

If you’re not willing to “rough it”  when circumstances so demand, how likely are you to “tough it out” when the relationships in your life take a nosedive or finances become paper thin?

Everything around us is geared for our comfort, from our central air condition units to the plush seats in many churches. Technological advances have created an age that thrives on ease and luxury whereas previous generations of humanity had to simply “make do.

Transform each inconvenience into an opportunity to make you tougher, stronger and an overall better man.

So, ready for those pushups? 🙂

Live inspired.

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