Seek to Serve

I’ve been reading up on the Battle of Passchendaele as I write my next historical fiction novel based on WW1 events.  The heroic actions of the men who fought in that three-month battle–thousands of which drowned in the mud–really inspired me. I realized that, despite the gloom of the times, these men had a focus, a belief that they were working for something bigger than themselves.

100 years later, we men also need to be able to identify a higher purpose for our existence. Whether we serve in the military, medicine or in a local church, seek out a way to serve humanity and make life better for someone else.

We’re often tempted to focus our attention on career-building or other self-serving interests, but why not go beyond and work to ensure the good of another human?

If your big dreams only include yourself, they’re actually quite small. Expand your horizons and dream big enough to include the world. 

Live inspired.

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