How easy is it to become invisible?

With so many things that need to be taken care of in any given day, it can be easy for you or your spouse to seem invisible.

How to realize your spouse is feeling this way?

He or she is bound to act in ways that they usually don’t. They may act distant, show more irritability and get really frustrated or angry when your attention is pulled away from them, even if it is the kids.

What is the solution?

Communication and change.

Talk about the problem, understand this need that your spouse has, and go out of your way to meet it.

If you both feel like you are invisible, talk about what your spouse could do to make you feel like you are visible. Work together as a team to meet this need in your marriage.

Later on, readdress the topic and discuss:

  1. What your spouse did that made you feel more visible
  2. How much better you feel
  3. How much your appreciate their efforts

3 thoughts on “Invisible

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  1. This really does filter in when you’ve been married for several years and have become comfortable in just being. Sometime we forget we all like to be made to feel special, especially to the one we love. So maybe it starts by being sure to make our spouse feel visible even when we are the ones feeling invisible.

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