April’s Challenge

Ready to take action on some of the marriage advice here on this blog?

Each month there will be a challenge posted that will empower you to take your marriage to new heights.

Join the monthly challenges. Commit and see the difference!

April’s Challenge:

Have at least 2 date nights for the month.

Comment below with a “thumbs up” to let me know if you’re up to the challenge. Invite your friends on facebook and twitter to join in on the fun here at Fearless Marriage!

There are a little over 2 weeks before April begins which leaves plenty of time to plan!


7 thoughts on “April’s Challenge

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  1. My husband and I try to have two date nights a week, one just the two of us, and one with friends (though sometimes it’s a date afternoon)

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    1. That is awesome! So that would be 4 dates with just the two of you alone for the month…wow!
      For parents with young children, having a date night can be difficult. Whether it’s going out or staying home, date nights should be frequent and fun.
      Thanks for sharing, LA.😀

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      1. Well, my daughter is 16 now, but we’ve been doing this for years. I think it’s vital to maintaining a healthy relationship

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    1. Sometimes the best dates are those that have very little cost. It’s the time that’s spent together that matters.
      There are several ways to have a date without spending money. The creativity behind each one makes them memorable.


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