Control Thyself

Imagine: you’re training an elite workforce that has the potential to take your company to new heights. But you find out that one guy on the team is leaking confidential company information to your chief competitor. What do you do? Today, I’d like to focus on another aspect of great leadership that Jesus Christ demonstrated: self-control.

I’ve often been amazed at how Christ could look at Judas Iscariot (the guy who’s “betraying” company interests) every day for 3 1/2 years and not call an angel to kill him or something.  John 6:70 clearly demonstrates that He knew Judas was a traitor in the making, yet we have no record of any tension between them. In fact, Jesus promoted him to the position of Chief Financial Officer!

While there are, no doubt, a litany of spiritual lessons that can be drawn from this relationship, I’d like to focus on Christ’s commitment to the mission, His focus.

Jesus was able to look beyond the evil that lurked in Judas’s heart and see that his enemy was actually a key part in fulfilling the “Company” goal: the redemption of humanity.

As a man taking a leadership role, you must be able to put your own feelings aside and think about the greater good.

Too often we read about CEOs, bank leaders or politicians who misuse  company/customer assets. Effective leaders control themselves, regardless of their personal desires, and focus on the bigger picture of achieving the end-goal.

In our age of self-indulgence/ instant gratification, denying yourself can be a tough call. But compare your situation to that of Jesus Christ. I think you’ll agree that His was a rougher road. 🙂

Follow the Man.

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