Your thoughts?

Has your view of Valentine’s Day changed over time? Do you have different thoughts about it now than when you were dating your spouse?

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8 thoughts on “Your thoughts?

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  1. We actually celebrate it now, 20 years into our relationship, when we didn’t back then. Nothing fancy. Just dinner. We still thinks it’s a little silly, but then, making time for person you’re with us never silly. You just need to pay attention to one another in other days too!

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  2. My husband made our first valentine’s date so special that I cant help but remember it with a smile every time the date arrives. These days we keep it simple with a special dinner at home and chocolates.

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  3. We’ve always made it a point to celebrate when we were dating/newlyweds. I’ve never seen these holidays as “Hallmark holidays”, but as reminders to make time from our busy lives to take care and nurture our relationship. Especially as new parents, we’re definitely making an effort to have at least one date day/night each month, so even though we’ll be celebrating a couple days later (since it’s kind of insane on Valentine’s Day anyways), that will be our celebration — planning a massage and brunch.

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  4. We did not really celebrate when dating. This year we are because our work schedules allow. We are making it our big date for the month. We may not even go out. We are thinking pick up some boiled crawfish and shrimp and make creme brûlée together. We don’t want to deal with all the people.

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