To Gift or Not to Gift

As the month of February has officially begun, so has the pressure to buy something for the person you love. In two week’s time, the holiday celebrating love will be upon us. Is it love that is really celebrated on this day or is it more of a commercialized love that’s being celebrated?

It is the general idea that couples need to spend money on each other in order to express their love…at least this is what 1-800-flowers and Lindt would want you to believe.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been bombarded with ads for chocolates, jewelry, and flowers. Why? Do I need to buy any of these to express my feelings to my spouse? No. Would I feel bad if I don’t receive flowers or jewelry on Valentine’s Day? No.

This doesn’t mean that my husband and I won’t do anything special for the holiday. We get creative and celebrate our love in unique ways.

My husband knows he can buy me anything he wants to on any day of the year. I don’t pressure him nor do I want anyone else to. If he wants to purchase something for me, it means more to me if he did it ” just because” and planned it all on his own.

I think one of the best gifts we can give someone is the gift of our time and using it to do something special together. (No.. I don’t mean going to a restaurant. This is highly overrated, with poor quality service, long waiting lines, and dirty floors because the employees didn’t have time to clean up after the last couple.) Put the phones away, take your eyes and really look at the person you love, dress up (even if you are home) or not, and talk. Get creative, plan ahead, and you’ll be amazed!

What unique ideas do you have for others to celebrate their love on any day of the year?

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  1. Sit on the couch together watching a Hallmark movie. Corny, yes, but my husband really likes the Hallmark movies and I am a sucker for happy endings…after all those of us who believe in the Lord are looking for and expecting that happy ending that never ends.

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