4 Ways a Kiss Creates A Stronger Bond

You and your spouse may have different forms of kissing. Perhaps you may give a small peck on the lips, a long kiss, or something more unique and passionate.

Kissing is one of the ways to bond with your spouse. Not only in one way but in several!

Since our lips are filled with sensory nerves, it allows for our brains to receive messages to produce a hormone called oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone”. This hormone can work to increase trust levels and allow for intimacy, which help build strong and healthy relationship among couples.

How can you use kissing to create a stronger bond with your spouse?

1. Experiment – Explore and try something different when you kiss. This can be both fun and exciting. Try kissing with your eyes open next time, this may create a stronger bond.

2. Silent Communication – Your kiss can say it all. You can send a message to your spouse without saying a word. It can tell your spouse that you missed them or perhaps that you want to move things to the bedroom. If your spouse did not understand your message, make sure they do!

3. Create Excitement – Usually used at the beginning of foreplay, kissing can set the tone for the type of lovemaking to follow. Use a particular type of kiss to create sexual excitement from your spouse.

4. Improve the Mood – If your spouse is sad or has had a bad day, a kiss can work as a “pick-me-up”. It can work to increase their happiness and make them feel better.

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