Let him be your hero.

This week’s post is actually addressed to the female bloggers who want to have a happy man in their life. The message is short but powerful:

Let him be your hero. 

You can call it testosterone, chauvinism or whatever you’d like, but the reality is that men long to be the hero to the women in their life. Without an outlet for this natural urge a man will become dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction may  express itself in a variety of ways, all of which can hurt a relationship.

Sadly, many men are not aware of their “inner champion” because society has downplayed the idea of chivalry. Movies from 30 years ago often had a man defending a woman but Hollywood’s current trend often depicts slim, sexy women beating up tough 200+ pound men. Talk about artistic license! 🙂

What we’re left with is a generation of men  who are emotionally confused. The urge to solve the problems of our wife or daughters is quelled by the message, ” women don’t need men to help them out because we can solve every problem ourselves.”

I am not arguing that women are incapable, but I am asserting that no relationship can achieve its full potential if a man is not given the space to dominate. When this need is denied, men often turn to video games as an outlet. We need to be a hero somewhere, either in the real world or in a virtual one.

Have you ever seen a picture/movie of a knight wearing the handkerchief of “his fair lady?” There really is a reason for it. When a man knows that a woman is counting on him, he will work ten time harder to achieve a goal than he would otherwise. It’s in our blood.

Ladies, take the following approach:  

  1. Let him open the car doors for you.
  2. Verbally express your appreciation for his talents/strength (physical, mental or whatever).
  3. Praise him when he does something for you (big or small).
  4. Continue to find ways to nurture his inner hero.

Before long, the man whose snoring on the couch will be out there looking for still another way to make his lady  proud.

Please share your comments/feedback. I’d love to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “Let him be your hero.

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  1. I completely agree JP! Great insight…for me, feminity is such a big part of me and it feels natural to get into that traditional groove in a relationship, though I am thankful that I have the freedoms that my mother and grandmother didn’t have to go out and be independent as well.


  2. I think this is so important. Loved the post. Men and women both have certain latent needs, it’s true. No matter how egalitarian the relationship! I think you would find “the mask you live in” interesting. It’s a film that got me thinking about men’s needs and how both their male and female peers fail them.


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