Retreat is not an option

I’ll never forget the day I learned to play chess. I was in Quebec, learning from a good friend of my family named Raynald B. Looking back, I realize that he wasn’t just showing me the game—he was preparing me for life.

I had just moved one of my pieces backward when he slowly shook his head and stopped me.

“Joseph,” he said in a voice that resonated with wisdom.  “Once you start retreating, you never stop.” 

He’s no longer with us, but that lesson still burns in my heart about twenty years later. It has impacted countless decisions that I have made throughout the years. It is one that I teach to my children and one that I am happy to share with the world.

Many times in life we have to advance despite difficulties. Like the chess pieces above, we may need to walk through fire to achieve our goals. The truth is that once you start backing up on who you are, what you stand for or the objectives you have in life, it becomes increasingly difficult to turn that around. Be it giving up on Christ or giving up on a goal, remember that retreat is not an option. 

If your objectives are right, keep  moving forward until they are achieved. This approach will increase your chances at being a winner in the game of life.

Action step: 

Think of two ways you can go from “retreating” in your home or work life to “advancing?”

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