Protecting Your Marriage #3

With so many platforms of communication available to us, we need to make sure that it is not taking over our lives. Communicating on these platforms can have some serious effects.

Communicating with someone you once had a relationship with has its dangers, so does communicating with others of the opposite gender. Did another man outside of your family “like” the photo you posted of yourself? Did another woman start a conversation with you after she saw your profile picture of you in the muscle shirt?

Sometimes what seems to be the innocent start of a conversation, could be the start of something else entirely. Before you know it, the happy and amazing relationship you hold with your spouse will start to disintegrate.

Never keep the identity of those who contact you a secret from your spouse, especially those of the opposite gender. Keeping this a secret or not communicating to your spouse about it will certainly cause them to question your behavior. You want to keep building the trust levels in your marriage. It takes time to build trust but by small yet detrimental decisions we make, they easily decrease.

Make decisions that will not cause your spouse to suspect you of any inappropriate behavior. Indulging in this kind of behavior will only bring heartbreak, sorrow, and anger to your home.

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