Marriage Monday Tip #28

Sex alone is not a good foundation for a marriage. What do you think is a good foundation for a successful marriage?

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  1. There are so many things, but for sure the first thing that comes to my mind is communication. That seems like it should be so simple, but in reality it’s not always. There have been times though when my wife and I have argued or schedules got messed up or whatever and then I think back, and it pretty much always comes back to not communicating successfully. It’s just something that will never be perfect, but we keep doing it!


  2. All the comments are good. We do need open and good communication. As a married couple it is good to have similar core values. We need to be honest with our spouse as well as ourselves. I do believe the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is core to a Christian marriage. Our commitment to Christ will strengthen our commitment with our spouse. We do need to trust our spouse. The thing I think is very important is forgiveness. We need to be forgiving to our spouse and toward ourselves. Sex in marriage is to be our loving expression of how much we love and adore our spouse. Giving each other 100% in all these areas is the basis of a good and lasting marriage.


  3. Friendship! Your husband should be your very best friend. There you will find everything for a successful marriage. Trust, communication, dependability, humor. ❤️❤️❤️

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