Marriage Monday Tip #27

Wearing your wedding ring will remind you of the bond you and your spouse share. It will also let others know that you are already committed to someone.
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  1. i LOVE that my man wears his ring all day and night. he works in the trades and could use that as an excuse, but heā€™d rather wear gloves to protect it than take it off. makes this wife one happy lady.

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    1. How sweet!
      A few years ago, I had lost about 40 lbs and my ring size must have decreased because my rings could not stay on my fingers and I feared they would fall off without me recognizing. My husband got them resized so I could wear them without that problem. It is important to me to wear my rings.

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    1. Cory,
      I am not exactly sure what you are asking.
      If someone willingly chooses not to wear a wedding band while they are married it certainly can cause a problem. Appearing to be “unattached” while they are, that person will cause their spouse to become suspicious of this behavior thus destroying the trust levels within the marriage.


      1. Hello again yes I was curious if your thoughts of those that are married who for whatever reason just decided on not wearing there ring, very interesting answer I can see how not wearing it can most definitely be a problem, thank you for your insight on the matter, fantastic post by the way

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  2. I love the meaning of our rings but admittedly my husband doesnā€™t seem as convinced. He of course, wears it because it is important to me though, and I think thatā€™s pretty awesome that he can at least look past the fact that he doesnā€™t care about it but since it means something to me, he wears it!


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