3 Ways to Connect Intimately

Increasing the amount of intimacy in a marriage can’t happen overnight. In fact, it takes time and effort from both husband and wife and is an ongoing process.

If a husband and wife desire more than just a “good marriage” and want to increase their levels intimacy, they need to constantly connect in these 3 different ways.

1. Emotionally: Share experiences, laugh, look into each other’s eyes, and ask questions. Let your spouse know that whatever you talk about stays between the two of you. Trust is one of the keys to emotional intimacy.

2. Physically: Increase the length of time you spend kissing, hugging, and showing affection without you both ending up in the bedroom.

3. Spiritually: Worship, read the Bible, and pray about everything together: Your goals, finances, children, your sexual habits and needs.

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  1. I couldnā€™t agree more with your three points. The
    3rd point around spirituality isnā€™t something we always think about but you make an excellent point on why itā€™s important.

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