Dealing With Criticism 

Does hearing someone criticize you put you on the war path? Do you get defensive?

When your spouse is criticizing you or holding you in contempt it may seem like they are superior to you and are constantly putting you down.

You begin to feel:

1. Unappreciated 

2. Disliked

3. Misunderstood 

4. Disrespected 

These negative feelings within a marriage can be destructive to the intimate bond that a husband and wife are supposed to share. Knowing how to deal with criticism can change things around for the better. 

How to deal with negative criticism from your spouse?

1. Listen to what was said. Decide whether there is truth or major errors in what a spouse is saying.

2. Think about why your spouse feels this way. 

3. Respond in a way that is appropriate. Don’t yell or get angry. Stay calm.

4. If your spouse’s words were harsh and disrespectful, let them know how you feel about it and if they could tell you next time in a respectful manner.

5. Be patient. If your spouse is not good at communicating give them time and overlook their mistakes. Gently remind them of how you feel about their harsh words and thank them when they attempt to say things in a positive way.

6. Work as a team. Don’t attack your team mate, but the situations that you face. Let your criticism be constructive, not destructive.

7. Pray about the situation together. 

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