How do you handle it?

Have you ever found that you and your spouse argue about the same issue/issues over and over again but in different ways?

Why do you think this happens and if it has happened to you what helped you to peacefully resolve/stop these arguments?

If they haven’t been resolved how do you both diffuse the situation?

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14 thoughts on “How do you handle it?

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    1. šŸ¤£
      I don’t think couples will always see eye to eye on everything. I do think that more important issues need to be addressed and both spouses need to compromise. It’s not about who can win.
      Thanks for your comment. šŸ˜Š

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      1. But, if both people always compromise, no one ever gets what they want. Then you have two unhappy people. Letting someone have their way is not letting them win, it’s accepting that something means more to your partner than something else. And if you never agree on anything, you have to see if their is a larger issue. And it depends on how large the issue is.

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      2. Continuous compromising can eventually lead to a frustrated spouse.
        It is important for both of them to look at the bigger picture and determine the best course of action.

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  1. You win some, you lose some. To me, nothing is worth losing the relationship. Some fights are one-and-done but big deals have come up again. For those fights, itā€™s good to reflect back on a fight and decide if this is one worth carrying forward to win or just letting it go.

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  2. Acceptance is the way forwardā€¦ Accept each other and know that you two are individual that came together to be one. You canā€™t expect the other person to be like you in every way, so accept who they, balance your differences and correct each other in love.

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